Acquisitions/Sales/Joint Ventures

As a business lawyer with many years of experience in the purchase or sale of businesses, as well as negotiating joint venture arrangements, I can provide legal advice with respect to acquisitions or sales of business and joint ventures.  My advice will add value to the transaction.  A sale of the company may be the exit strategy for a startup business or it may be the exit chosen upon retirement.  If you are considering the purchase or sale of a business call KHNETIC Legal now.

The first step in the purchase or sale of a business or a joint venture is usually for the parties to memorialize their deal in a letter of intent.  A letter of intent is generally nonbinding, but sets forth the basic terms of the transaction and acts as a roadmap for the documentation of the deal.  Along with the letter of intent, I will provide you with a confidentiality agreement to protect your business from people that are interested in purchasing it.  I will then advise you on the structure of the transaction, which must be carefully considered to get you the most value, as well as protect your interests.  I will assist in conducting or gathering the information for the necessary due diligence and draft and negotiate the acquisition or sales agreement.  Depending upon several factors, we will want to discuss whether to structure an acquisition as a purchase of assets, a merger or a stock sale.  I will also provide assistance with all matters necessary to close your deal.  My goal is to get deals done.  I find solutions to any issues that come up in negotiations.

I will work with you through the due diligence process as we, together with your accountant and any other necessary specialists, thoroughly review all information about any potential target company or gather the requested information for due diligence if you are selling your company.  This process helps to draft an agreement that contains the necessary protections so that you will avoid unpleasant surprises once the deal has been closed.  Requesting or providing all the necessary due diligence information and having all appropriate parties review such information is critical to a successful acquisition.

Many businesses can add great value to their company through joint ventures with other entities.  It is imperative that you have a business lawyer as your advocate when negotiating the terms of any joint venture agreements.  As your business lawyer, KHNETIC Legal will ensure that your company gets the most value from any joint venture arrangement and that the intent of the parties is accurately reflected in the joint venture agreement.

Whether you are a startup company, a serial entrepreneur, have a business that you plan to run for the long term, want to buy or sell a business, I am a business lawyer with the experience to work with you to strategize and structure the necessary agreements.  If your exit strategy involves a sale of the business, I will provide advice with respect to the best structure in which to sell your business, negotiate, draft or review the letter of intent, draft and negotiate all necessary documentation and ensure a smooth closing of the deal.


There is no substitute for a business lawyer representing your business interests.  Whether it be the formation of your company, ensuring you are adequately protected through proper documentation and processes, evaluating your company for its intellectual property assets, providing legal advice regarding sales or acquisitions of a business or joint venture arrangements, a business lawyer is able to provide legal advice and guide you through the process to ensure the most value to you.

A company that provides online form services does not know you and the goals and vision you have for your company does not have enough knowledge about your business to understand the potential risks and protect you from such risks and cannot provide the added value to your company that a business lawyer will bring to you. An online company is not capable of providing you with the rock-solid foundation addressing all the needs of your business. KHNETIC Legal has the experience that your business needs.

Working as a business lawyer in Pennsylvania, I believe it is imperative for me to understand your business. This includes understanding what your goals are and the vision you have for your business, as well as the industry and competition. By understanding your vision, I can act as your business lawyer, counselor and advocate to move you towards the goals you have for your business in a practical manner that will add real value to your company.

I enjoy helping people achieve their goals, solving any problems they encounter and in general, acting as part of the team as my clients’ advocate. The teamwork involved in helping a business not just succeed, but soar to new heights, provides me with great satisfaction and will provide your business with a valuable asset and make you more money.

Call today to energize your business and move forward into the future. 610.524.3250

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