Value of an Intellectual Property Lawyer

The intellectual property of your business must be protected!  It can be a very valuable asset.  Having an intellectual property lawyer protecting the intellectual property of your company is extremely important and will preserve the value of your business. This means more money for you.  The services I can provide to you to help preserve this value include the following:

  • Many business owners do not realize that they own valuable intellectual property.  You need an intellectual property lawyer to protect such important assets.  Among the business law services provided to its clients, we act as your intellectual property lawyer.  Such intellectual property includes trade secrets that must be protected to retain their value.  I can suggest systems the business can implement to keep its trade secrets protected.  This will include drafting and negotiating the following documents:
    • non-disclosure agreements
    • non-solicitation agreements
    • non-competition agreements
    • a form of proprietary information and invention assignment agreement
    • agreements for the assignment of intellectual property from founders and others to the company.  An intellectual property lawyer will also provide you with advice on who should sign such agreements.
    • Draft social media policies for employees.
  • Ensure that information of your business that is considered a trade secret does not lose its trade secret status.  This can be accomplished by using a few methods.  One method is to make sure that access to your trade secrets is restricted to only your employees or independent contractors who must have access to such information in order to perform their duties.
  • Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents:  An intellectual property lawyer will also evaluate your business for trademarks, service marks, copyrights and patents that may need protection and ensure they are registered.  Proper protection of your intellectual property will affect the value of your company in the event of an exit strategy for your business.

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