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Contract Attorney to Review, Draft and Negotiate Your Contracts


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KHNETIC Legal has many years of experience providing the services of a contract attorney.  This involves reviewing, negotiating and drafting various types of contracts.  The preparation of standard form contracts for use in your business is valuable.  A contract attorney review of your current contracts, such as your lease agreement, agreements with employees and independent contractors, and other agreements your business typically enters into may uncover issues that need to be addressed. If there are any agreements you are about to enter into or that are up for renewal, I can advise you on necessary changes, negotiate the revisions with the other party(ies) to the contract and draft the contract.

Alternative Billing

Most of the time, I can provide legal services for contracts on a fixed fee basis.  There are exceptions for some transactions that may be heavily negotiated.  Examples are agreements for the purchase or sale of a business, settlement agreements, and severance agreements.  Since I cannot always control the amount of time that will be required (much depends on the other side), these are billed on an hourly basis.  However, I am always looking for creative ways to provide those legal services consistent with the value brought to your business.

Here are some examples of contracts that I can work on with you on a fixed fee basis:

  • shareholders agreement
  • founders agreement
  • operating agreement (for Limited Liability Companies)
  • a form of an at-will employment offer letter
  • a form of an offer of employment
  • a basic employment agreement
  • non-disclosure agreement
  • non-solicitation agreement
  • non-competition agreement
  • consulting agreement
  • an independent contractor agreement
  • settlement agreement
  • real estate leases
  • vendor agreement
  • distribution agreement
  • sales agreement
  • services agreement
  • website terms and conditions

Adding value to your business

Having an experienced contract lawyer review, negotiate, and/or draft your contracts does more than mitigate risk. It adds real value to your business by saving you money on potential legal problems that may arise from not including the language you need to protect your business.  This is one of the reasons KHNETIC Legal wants to learn about your business.  It allows me to serve you better.  Avoiding potential litigation from a contract that was improperly or incompletely drafted by an online service company can cost you many thousands of dollars.  Eliminating that risk lets you keep those dollars in your bank account, where they belong.  Be proactive and engage KHNETIC Legal now to act as your business lawyer.

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