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My name is Kathy Hyneman and I am a business lawyer in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Because I specialize in Business Law, that means you get an attorney that knows what your needs.  I am a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Chester County Bar Association.  I know many people are not crazy about lawyers, which is most likely an understatement.  However, be prepared to change your mind about what it is like to have a great working relationship with your lawyer. Unresponsive lawyers have likely caused you frustration in the past.  Certainly, I understand your frustration.  For example, I experience the same frustration with attorneys at times.  For instance, when I am working on a transaction and the lawyer on the other side is not responsive, I get frustrated.  However, you will not have that experience when you work with me.  From the time I first started practicing law, my priority has always been to be exceptionally responsive to my clients.  I return phone calls and emails promptly.

Working with KHNETIC Legal

If you work with me, you will realize that I truly care about my clients.  Seeing businesses unprotected is something I can fix.  I like to fix things!  I work very hard to achieve what is best for my clients.  If we meet or talk, you will see that I am not a “stuffy, know-it-all” lawyer.  I want to sit with you and learn about you and your business and what your goals are.  As a result of wanting to help my clients improve, I believe my clients should have a lawyer as one of the members of their team. Therefore, think of me as your outside General Counsel.  I bring my clients the experience of a Big Firm Attorney, with the special attention and reasonable, flexible billing rates of a boutique firm.  You get the best of both worlds!

Approach to Practicing Business Law 

If you are selling or purchasing a business, you will gain great value from working with me to help you through issues you probably never thought about.  Therefore, my assistance will put much more money in your pocket because I have a lot of experience with doing purchases and sales of businesses.  As a result, I will address concerns when negotiating deals in an efficient and practical manner.  I operate in a manner to get deals done.

Throughout my career as lawyer, I have taken a practical approach to the law.  I work to provide solutions from the perspective of a business person. My approach with my clients is to provide sound advice, keeping in mind the needs of their business.  I do not provide legal answers in a vacuum. Rather I treat my clients fairly and in a manner that reflects that they are the most important reason why I practice law.

A Business Lawyer in Chester County Can Add Value to Your Business

As a business lawyer in Chester County, I advise you on methods to mitigate risk.  More importantly, I can provide advice on how to add tangible value to your company.  I will assist you in accomplishing these goals through counseling you on ways to help ensure your business continues moving and growing.  This will include strategizing together, negotiating and drafting enforceable agreements and resolving disputes in an amicable and efficient manner.

My primary goals are to get you started with the right foundation.  This involves protecting your business by mitigating risk and adding value, by ensuring valuable assets of your company are protected.  Taking these steps will allow your business to grow and continually move forward toward greater opportunities.  This translates into you owning a valuable asset.

Get to Know Me

I don’t want to bore you, but I think it can be helpful if you know a little bit about the lawyer you plan to work with. Chester County, Pennsylvania has been my home since 1989. I graduated in 1989 from the University of Virginia School of Law in the top 10% of my class. After graduation, I worked in the corporate law department of a large law firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My work involved representing clients in every facet of their business, from business formation to sale of the company.

After several years, I joined the corporate law department of a large telecommunications company in Philadelphia. In this position, I was lead counsel on many acquisitions and sales of other businesses. I also acted as lead counsel on joint venture agreements, which brought tons of value to the company. Let me tell you, I truly had a lot of fun working with the business people and also with the lawyers representing the other companies when I was involved in sales, purchases and joint venture deals. It was total teamwork and that is my philosophy for practicing law now.

I joined the venture capital arm of the telecommunications business as its General Counsel and worked on all investments in startup companies. This legal work included listening to the pitches made by entrepreneurs and discussing the pros and cons of a potential investment with other members of the venture team. I also negotiated, drafted and reviewed the venture capital investment documents, aided startup companies with their business legal issues and was intimately involved in many successful exits, either through initial public offerings or acquisitions.

Licensed in Pennsylvania. Member of the American Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Chester County Bar Association.

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